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Guilt Free Flourless Keto Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have tied up with Mumbai based food blogger, Ms Mahua Kamat, and have also taken up the Keto-life! Following is an excerpt from her blog explaining the basic science behind this diet:
"Simply put The Ketogenic (or Keto) Diet is a super low carbohydrate high fat diet coupled with a moderate protein consumption. You’ll hear the term LCHF a lot. That’s where it comes from. Low Carb High Fat.
To follow this way of eating you need to reduce your carb intake quite radically and supplement it with increasing your fat intake. This drastic reduction in carbs gets your body to switch from using glucose for energy to using fats making your body go into a state of Ketosis.
To sum it up,
Low carb intake = Body in starvation mode (ketosis) = Body using fat for fuel (ketones) = Weight loss! Yay! (And an assortment of other health benefits)"
For more, do check out
Look forward to starting this healthy journey with you all!

  By Natasha Atina

Chocolate and Strawberry Grilled Croissants

This Valentines Day, start your day by making a lovely breakfast in bed with this delicious recipe that will leave your loved one wanting more. Add some flower stems in a vase, some freshly squeezed juice and something savoury, to get the perfect start to the romantic day!

  By Aaradhya


Many hosts carouse the special occasions and events such as Valentine's day, with extensive appetizer spreads, either as a preface to a large gala dinner or all by themselves for a Valentine's day gathering or a party.

  By Aaradhya

New Delicious Dessert in Town- Cake Pops!

Cake pops are one of the latest trends in dessert art, which are basically little-smushed orbs of cake and cream cheese, doused in chocolate or candy melts. Whilst most of the recipes call for a boxed cake mix, we would encourage you to make this recipe with cake leftovers. For example, these cake pops in the pics were made with the leftovers of a chocolate birthday cake.

  By Aaradhya

Cherry Clafoutis- Julia Child’s Way

Makes a pure and pleasing dessert, or a delightful and satisfactory breakfast! Originating in the countryside nearby the town of Limoges, France, a clafoutis is a baked fruit pudding!

  By Aaradhya

Flawless Flourless Chocolate Cake

It's presumably the simplest thing you could possibly make, and it's simply so darn delicious.You clearly have to make this one! And don't neglect to serve it with whipped cream (vanilla ice cream is ok as well)!

  By Aaradhya

Traditional Kaju Katli (Cashew Fudge)

This step by step recipe is a sincere attempt to share the method to get the perfectly traditional Kaju Katli at home. Since I actually struggled with this Indian sweet many times while making the other Indian sweets were a cake walk.

  By Aayesha Merchant

Pancakes from scratch!

A flat cake, varies in thickness as per the liking, prepared with plain flour and eggs. Its cooked on griddle or skillet. It can be served at any time with a variety of toppings or fillings including jam, fruit, syrup, chocolate chips, or meat.

Product used above is Yera Drizzle series - colored plate

  By Aayesha Merchant

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