Cuisine: Brazilian

Fish Stew in Brazilian Way

This super simple but healthful dish is packed with flavor and unquestionably yummy! It's an uncomplicated version of a traditional Brazilian course that I treasure from my youth and it has become a beloved recipe even among my friends and me, even though we don't fancy fish! This can be prepared effortlessly on the stovetop or in the slow cooker for a no-fail comfort meal. Use salmon in place of tilapia for a stronger fish flavor. Serve with hot rice or warm tortillas.

  By Aaradhya

Grande trail mix!

Nuts are pint-sized nutritional power-house that is loaded with healthy unsaturated fats, protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin E, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Whether they're raw or roasted. Seeds provide many of the same nutritional benefits as nuts do. Hemp seeds, for example, are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid, protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Dried fruits can be a great source of fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and K. It's also pretty easy to make your own dried fruit at home in the oven.

  By Aaradhya

Tropical Paradise- The Healthy Way

With a tropical blend of pineapple, mango, banana, and coconut milk, this delicious smoothie gives a spicy kick from ginger.

  By Aayesha Merchant

Orangtini (no alcohol)

Rejuvenating in a delicious way. Fade away the summer heat with this drink. A good alternate drink for parties.

  By Aaradhya

Watermelon Caipiroska

Absolute divine recipe. Refreshing, sweet and light to go with the cross-fading monsoons. The hardest part to make this drink is that to control yourself from drinking it excessively.

Let me know how well did it serve you. Or maybe share your version of this recipe.

  By Aayesha Merchant

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